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One of the major impediments to the development of people living in poverty is their LACK OF SAVINGS.

This deficiency leads to strong DEPENDENCIES and permanent VULNERABILITY to any unexpected event and reduces the efficiency of any other effort to improve their quality of life. Lack of savings in the base of the pyramid leads to harmful dependencies from loan-sharks charging abusive rates. Together with the lack of a minimum financial literacy it also generates serious over-indebtedness problems.

But, can people leaving in poverty really save money up to a point where they become financially independent?. The answer is YES. How?

Through a practical financial education program based on a SAFE, FLEXIBLE, TRANSPARENT, INEXPENSIVE and PROFITABLE way to SAVE. Targeting groups of 10 to 50 people linked by strong bonds of trust. This is "SAVING FOR LEARNING"

Educating to generate long-term saving habits and management skills is our challenge.


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